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  1. A little about your instructor
  2. How to use this course/overview
  3. How to use the chatrooms/Groups
  4. Step by step joining Discord
  5. Discounts and Partnerships (links) 
  6. Google Sheets Journals

The Basics

  1. Tech Setup
  2. Why the markets move (Supply and Demand) 
  3. Market Cap and Secotrs
  4. How We Trade (Bid & Ask) 
  5. Types of BrokersWhat is the PDT rule?
  6. 6 Ways Around the PDT Rule
  7. Types of Brokerage Accounts
  8. Which Charting Platform?
  9. Choosing the right Broker
  10. Opening your Account
  11. How Brokers Work with Platforms


The Foundation

  1. Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis
  2. 4 Types of Traders
  3. Level 1, Level 2, & Order Flow
  4. Basics of Shorting
  5. Market and Limit Orders
  6. Stop Orders
  7. OCO, Trailing Stops, Special Orders
  8. Hours of the Market
  9. Small VS Large Cap
  10. Risks of Shorting (intro short squeeze)
  11. Short Interest and Borrowing
  12. Offerings and Filings
  13. stock Splits
  14. Market Halts and Circuit Breakers
  15. News and Scanners 
  16. Earning sand Dividends


Trading Psychology

  1. Intro to Psychology
  2. 4 keys to Success
  3. Daily Routine and Journaling
  4. 4 Emotional Pitfalls
  5. Making a Trading Plan 
  6. 4 Ways to Overcome Emotions
  7. Dealing with Trading Stress
  8. My Story and Reasons for Trading
  9. Finding Patience and Discipline
  10. Humility VS Pride
  11. Your Goals not There's


Technical Analysis - Charting

  1. Intro to Analyzing
  2. 4 Types of Charts
  3. Doji, Hammer and Patterns
  4. 4 Ways to find Support and
  5. Resistance
  6. Basic Drawing Tools 
  7. 3 Types of Strategies 
  8. Accumulation and
  9. Distribution
  10. Intro to Patterns
  11. Channels and Trend Lines
  12. Double Bottoms and Tops
  13. Gaps and opening Ranges
  14. ABCD & Cup and Handle 
  15. Head and Shoulders 
  16. Triangles and Flags
  17. Hook and Candle over Candle


Technical Analysis - Indicators

  1. TOS indicators (Links) 
  2. Tradestation Layouts (Dropbox) 
  3. Indicators and Time Frames
  4. Volume Volume Volume
  5. Market Makers and VWAP
  6. SMA and EMA
  7. RSI and RAF
  8. MACD and OBV
  9. Stochastics
  10. Bollinger Bands
  11. ATR and Keltner Channels
  12. TTM Squeeze
  13. Pivot Points
  14. Ichimoku Cloud
  15. Fib Advanced
  16. SPY, QQQ, VXX, ETF/Futures
  17. Internals (PCALL, TICKS, ADD)

Options and Futures

  1. Intro to Futures and Options Hedges
  2. All about Futures
  3. Futures Sectors and Settlement
  4. Puts Calls Strike and Expirations
  5. OTM, ATM, ITM
  6. Options Real World Example
  7. Theta and IV\
  8. Greeks (Gamma, Delta, Vega) 
  9. Which options do I buy? 
  10. Benefits of Selling Options
  11.  Intro to Spreads
  12. Tastyworks Platform Overview
  13. Verticals and Covered Stock
  14. Strangles and Iron Condors
  15. Straddle, Iron Fly, and Butterfly 
  16. Rolling Options/Max Pain

Applying - 8 Steps to Creating your OWN Strategy

  1. How to Use the Worksheet 
  2. 8 Steps to Create Your Strategy
  3. Comparing Options, Stocks, and Futures
  4. Comparing Scalp, Day Swing and Long term 
  5. Making Plans for Continuations, Breakouts and Reversals
  6. Finding Your Edge
  7. Buying Power VS Actual Risk
  8. How to Practice and Test Your Strategy 
  9. Your Vision
  10. Stick to YOUR Strategy
  11. Position Sizing Correctly
  12. Scaling In and out
  13. Hard Stop and Soft Stop
  14. Paying Yourself
  15. Beware of Greed (Targets) 
  16. Having Confidence in Your System
  17. Ending Comments

Example Strategies

  1. Intro to Example Strategies
  2. TTM Squeeze (TPS) Strategy
  3. Scanning for the TTM Squeeze
  4. Range Breakouts
  5. 1,2,3 Reversal Strategy 
  6. Pivot points Reversal Strategy 
  7. The Strat (Coming soon) 
  8. 2 and 3 Bar Play (Coming soon) 
  9. SPY/QQQ Options Scalping (Coming Soon) 


The Strat

  1. The Foundation of the Strat
  2. Time Frame Continuity and Psychology (pivots) 
  3. The Broadening formation
  4. The Pivot Machine Gune (PMG) 
  5. Magnitude
  6. Decoupling and the Flip
  7. Winners, Losers and Motherbars
  8. Gappers and Kicking Bull/Bear
  9. Putting it all together 
  10. Scanning for the Strat


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