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Stock Market 101

Understand the basics of the stock market; from how to place an order, to knowing what makes the market move and why.


Trading Psychology

9 out of 10 people fail at trading because of psychology and the fight with themselves. Learn more about psychology to better yourself and cope with the emotions of trading.


Options, Options Spreads and Futures

 Expound your knowledge on options, options spreads, and futures. Learn what they are, strategies on how to use them to your advantage in any market. 


Technical Analysis - Charting

Learn all the classic charting technical analysis faster than ever.


Technical Analysis - Indicators

Learn about dozens of Indicators such as EMA/SMA, RSI, Ichimoku Cloud and the TTM Squeeze.


TastyWorks Setup

Jumpstart your learning curve with the TastyWorks broker and platform setup.


Tradestation Setup

Jumpstart your learning curve with the Tradestation broker and platform setup.


Lightspeed Setup

Jumpstart your learning curve with the Lightspeed broker and platform setup.


ThinkorSwim Setup

Jumpstart your learning curve with the TOS platform setup.


Tradingview Setup

Jumpstart your learning curve with the Tradingview platform setup.


8 Steps to Success

Take all your knowledge and learn how to create your own trading system.


Example Strategies

Learn all the strategies I have learned from my many mentors



ALL courses are included in the Elite package.

TCP Website Journal

Import, Calculate and Journal your trades on our proprietary journaling website. This ever-evolving website software will one day be worth more than the course.

LIVE Streaming

Live Scanners, Live trading Ideas, and other live content

Private Chatroom/Community

Join our growing community of beginner and experienced traders. 

Journaling & Worksheets

Journal trades with our google sheets template and the 8 step trader creator worksheet.

Small and Large Account Growth

Find a strategy that fits your account, personality, and risk tolerance. 

Access to FUTURE Content

Trader Creator Pro is ever evolving. Be sure to never miss out on anything with access to ALL future content.

Discounts & Perks

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 LIVE Training/ Q&A

We go over your questions, your trades, and my trades! 


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What Are Members Saying?

Ahmed Waled

I went through many YouTube videos and trading courses until before 2 months I found (Trader Creator Pro) on YouTube, video after video until I watched them all! Then I joined the full course. I can say confidently and without hesitation that Blake is creating traders. His teaching style is amazing. Not only does he provide in-depth details on everything you would ever need to know, but he also teaches you how to create your own strategy. There is much information in his course I wished I learned them before! And all of them straight to the point. I enjoyed watching his entire course. I'm proud to be a part of Trader Creator Pro community. Thank you Blake for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Those who want to start a side hustle trading or make it a career can trust Blake to teach you what you need. It is worth investing in your education if you want to become a profitable trader Trader Creator Pro is the right place!

Jason Y

Wow, what can I say. I love this course. My trading journey really started about 9 months ago. I’ve looked at several courses and trainers and watched countless videos on how to trade. One thing I determined is that I need a course that shows me how to think for myself and not simply rely on alerts or a few indicators. I needed something that is tailored for me, something that I feel comfortable with. A few months ago, I came across the TCP course, and it offered everything I wanted. What makes this course so unique, is that Blake gives you everything you need to make your own trading system, one that is specific to you, your style, your personality, and your comfort level. This is a well-rounded, all-encompassing course that gets right into the ideas and teaching, provides a breadth of information and all the lessons are detailed but concise and to the point. If you are looking for a system that you can make your own, look no further. I am thankful that I found this course and grateful to Blake for putting it together and sharing it.


Get the tools and knowledge you need to create your own success in trading.