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RSI on Steroids Indicator

Ready, Aim, Fire!

One of my all time favorite indicators is "RAF" You can use this Indicator In conjunction with the TTM Squeeze or as an RSI like Oscillator.

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Predict the big move

TTM Squeeze Pro

One of the most popular indicators among all traders. The TTM Squeeze tells you exactly when a stock is changing from consolidation to explosion.

Use the same updated indicator and strategy behind six of John Carter's famous $1 Million+ TSLA Trades.

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Everything from broker/platform crash courses to mastering the psychology of trading. Trust me there is something here for you!
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Here you will find my favorite indicators. Some are paid indicators, some are free and some I coded myself and use in my own trading.
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I get asked all the time. What broker should I use? Well... it depends. What kind of trading are you doing? Here are my top recommendations.
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Trading Rooms

We do have a discord that has our trading bot alerts but we have partnered with some of the top trading rooms available so that you can grow in some live rooms
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